The endless summer and half term holidays can be tough if you’re trying to juggle work with looking after your kids. My holiday Club could be perfect for you.

The Holiday Club enables children to have fulfilment and fun in the school holidays! I ensure that all children are catered from 4 right up to 13 years. 

My breakfast and lunch service enables busy parents to continue to work with peace of mind, knowing that their children are having a great time during their holidays and are in very safe hands.

At My Holiday Club your children will love trying lots of activities and days out which are different every day. My aim is to give them opportunities to try new things and to motivate them so that activities are enjoyable and rewarding, whatever their ability. I will help develop their personal skills and awareness of others, I am here to support, encourage and enthuse the children.

The children will take part in many activities, in addition to arts, crafts, play, days out and music.

Your child will have the opportunity to meet and form new friendships with similar aged local children and will have an opportunity to discover new interests and explore new activities.


AGES 4–5

In my all new Early Years’ programme I give children the best introduction to my setting and will kick start their new adventure through creative learning and development.

My Holiday Club is dedicated to the development of my youngest children that will give them the best introduction to my routine activities.

A daily schedule of specifically designed activities to encourage learning and fuel the imagination of the 4-5 year olds. Early Years children have access to my playroom with a whole host of resources and activities to choose from.


AGES 6-9

The 6-9 year olds at my Holiday Club will learn new skills incorporating creativity, learning and, most of all, have fun.

Children between 6 and 9 are full of energy and open to new challenges. My programme for this age group channels that energy and enthusiasm to give children a fantastic time.

I ensure outdoor activities like football and soft-ball cricket are challenging and fun in equal measure, with all children allowed to shine.

I know that by the time children get to this age, they’re growing in terms of co-ordination, confidence and personality. They’ll be full of energy and ready to try new things, so my programme for this age group is tailored to stimulate and entertain children of all abilities.


AGES 10+

10-13 year olds get to shape their experience at My Holiday Club. They can choose from a range of activities to suit the group or refine skills on a week-long specialist course curated for the older children.

The oldest children at my Holiday Club have a full selection of activities available to them.

This age group is beginning to develop responsibility and Independence, so we allow them to decide their activities for the day. My Holiday Club sessions allow the children to immerse themselves and hone skills in fantastic activities such as Xbox, Wii U, Coding. Sports and creative sessions further develop essential skills and knowledge.

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